Original Help Save Elfwood Offer (now closed)
Original Help Save Elfwood Offer
(now closed)

There's this amazing site for Amateur Fantasy and Scifi art called Elfwood. I have spent far too many hours lost there. (Witness my bookmarks devoted entirely to that site.) It's currently run by Thomas Abramson and lives on some computers in Salt Lake City, USA. Unfortunately, the site (which used to live at Thomas's grad school in Sweden) now costs money. Thomas hoped to finance his project via web advertisements, but it's somehow not working.

So... I'm trying to do my little bit.

For a mere $10, I will paint an image for you.

What you get
It can be whatever you like, as long as there's no pornography. Okay, so I'm not professional, but you will get the best my meager talents can muster. And I will actually make time to do it. (Occasionally people ask me for free things, but I can assure you, I'm very very flaky about producing results.) Take a look at a couple of other commisioned pieces to see what sorts of things you can get: Bria, Wisdom cat, and Venus.

Time limits
I will spend, off and on, up to two weeks working on your pic. In the mean time, you will get various sketches. After two weeks, or when I'm tired, I will call it done and move on. I will mail you the final jpg, gif, or tiff of your image upon receipt of payment. (For other file formats, please ask).

More time limits
In the happy event that I get a lot of requests, I will look at all outstanding requests and pick the one that looks most intriguing to me. After it's completed, I'll again pick from the list of outstanding requests.

Legal stuff
I keep all copyrights on the images. Legally, this means that if I wanted to print up postcards with your request and sell them, I'm allowed. Practically speaking, I'm too lazy. :-) It also means that you're not allowed to sell the image I make for you. I will probably show off the pic on Elfwood and here in my private gallery, but that's about it.

Please! I want you to paint my dream...
Just send me email with the description of what you'd like. I'll select the first image on August 1st and continue for the next two months. If I choose your request, I'll spend a little time with you to work out details of the image.

With any luck, this'll make Thomas $40, which is 5 times what he's gotten in the past two years!

Here's to you Thomas! :-)

I'm not the only one who's doing this. Rivendog recently joined the cause. Go visit her site and see what else you can get for almost free.

As of Sept 25th, I've done #1 and #2. I'm nearing completion on #3. The last one has been claimed. I know I'm late but #3 bribed me to do two versions...

Footnote: I'm not usually the type to do this kind of thing (support causes), or draw on demand for that matter. Make of it what you will...