Betsy & Eric's Wedding - Pinata Party

The exuberant opening of the pinatas.  Luckily for everyone, the only things that broke were the pinatas.  Well, and one of the sticks.  There was only time to open 8-10 of them; the remainder are being sent into orbit or beyond.

dog pinata

Bomb pinatas

Unknown people
space shuttle pinata

David McClean

Shonali Saha
Hula Bee pinata

Katie? McClean
Cake Pinata

Natalie Fein?

One of the children

About the photos:
It was pretty dark so many of the photos are grainy.  They were also taken at low res because we were running out of space on the memcard.  There's a lot of dust in the air from the broken pinatas which when lit with the flash, accounts for the blobby circles all over the photos.