Digital Camera Photos from Worldcon 2002 - Page 2
(ConJose 2002)

More pictures from around the halls
This lady was in the same booth as the next guy (Mr. Salad Tongs)
  I noticed this guy wandering around with the salad-tongs hair piece.  He appears to be a mad scientist and that small random technical item he has was blinking...
Crushed velvet in royal blue is pretty eyecatching
The space shuttle... NOT!
From the art show, there was a set of sculptures made from chicken bones!  Who'd have thought?
Another shot of the same golfer bone-sculpture dude.
A really really cool sculpture.  It was about 15" high.  So very detailed, such nice expressions and poses and outfits.  Wow...
Another extremely cool sculpture by the same guy as above.  She had that sort of pale translucent skin that old people have, with bluish veins showing through her feet.  Amazing detail, amazing body language and grace.

A very big sculpture.  Pretty darn cool.  I really like the dragon's head and body proportions and the face is handsome.  I believe the lady in the blue t-shirt is the main sculptress.

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